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Environmental Management

What are we doing? Protecting the environment is becoming more and more important to society. In industry too, significant increases in environmental awareness and environmental regulations means that companies have to incorporate environmental thinking into everyday activities.

KWWS is no exception.

Our company has been proactive in adopting a recycling program to minimize paper, cardboard and plastic packaging consumables we had previously sent to landfill. We now promote that recycling and being conscious of our actions is the accepted norm in todays' society and not the exception as it has been in days past. Accordingly, we have recently introduced and received accreditation for our environmental policy which meets current legislation and aligns with the International Standard of Environmental Management Systems (ISO 14001). Similarly we monitor the behaviour of our key suppliers, openly managing our relationship to ensure our strategic partners are committed to reaching our collective goals and targets.

Terms of Supply

Items deleted from our Catalogue

Products are added and removed from our catalogue on a continual basis. Products being removed (deleted) cannot be ordered. That is, only an active product, that can be supplied (regardless of the item availability) can go on an order and be passed through to our warehouse for picking. Our website will only let you search and order products we are able to supply (active products). Entering the product code of a deleted item will return an error. However, if there is an alternate product available, those details will be displayed instead. If you have faxed your order to us and it includes a deleted product, if an alternate product is available, this product will be ordered for you instead. Please check your original order against the products we have ordered (our invoice) to determine what may appear as an order error before contacting our sales office. If an item appears to be "missing" from your order then in all likelihood it has been deleted from our range and cannot be ordered. Alternately, if an item appears on your invoice that you did not order, it is in all likelihood an alternate item for a deleted item you ordered originally. You can use this website to determine this. If you do not wish to receive alternate products, please contact our sales office who will flag your account accordingly.

Order Errors

Notification of a discrepancy in your order (i.e. items missing, different item received to one that has been invoiced), must be reported to our internal sales department within 7 days of date of invoice. If we have made an error, we will rectify it at no cost to you the customer.

Shortages advised on non payment of account will not be accepted.


If you wish to return an item, arrangements must be made through our sales department. Where a freight charge will be incurred, a quote will be provided to you and must be agreed upon and charged to your account before arrangements are made. Where items are sent back to us without notification, any costs incurred by our company will be invoiced to your account. The costs incurred by us when we do not arrange the return include Consignment Note Fee, Consignment Fee and Freight Fee. We accept no responsibility for returns not arranged by us (costs and goods). A credit will be raised only when we have received the goods, in a re-saleable condition.

Damaged and Faulty Goods

Claims for damaged in transit items must be reported within 24 hours of receipt, quoting the invoice number. When reporting a faulty product, the invoice number must be quoted.


We require our carriers to get a signature for each and every parcel they deliver so when checking your consignments please take care to count the number of parcels received and ensure you sign for that amount only. We cannot accept any claim for missing parcels if the consignment has been signed for in full or if you have set up alternate arrangements with our carriers such as an Authority To Leave (ATL). Deliveries are free into store in Adelaide Metropolitan area by our nominated carrier, conditions apply. Country and interstate parcels may incur a delivery fee.


Strictly by 25th day of following month.